High-Asset Divorce Requires Specialized Knowledge And Experience

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone. The stress of the separation itself, establishing financial independence, figuring out custody agreements and other concerns are taxing to deal with on their own. If you and your spouse have acquired significant marital assets, a business, or professional practice during your marriage these proceedings become even more difficult.

You need a lawyer who understands the additional complications and valuation procedures that come with a high net worth divorce. At Vance and Zeis in Buffalo, New York, we help individuals work through these situations by using our substantial experience and skills.

Handling The Most Complex Cases With Ease

Attorney Paul A. Vance has the experience and expertise to bring you through these processes as quickly and professionally as possible. With divorce and business ownership, what will happen to the business is the primary issue. You and your spouse may decide to sell the business, continue maintaining it with one or both parties retaining ownership or some other viable option. Regardless, we will help you sort through the necessary steps, including business valuations and preparation and drafting of separation agreements and property settlement.

We pursue cost-effective methodology through these cases. We will not waste your time or your money disputing every little disagreement or fighting insignificant issues in court. Settlement through negotiation and mediation is our goal, and we will not litigate unless absolutely necessary. Taking this approach saves time, money and headache for our clients, and we will take care of everything while keeping you informed of every development.

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Complex divorces require the knowledge of an attorney. Let Vance and Zeis handle your case and advocate for you at every step. We can help you work through this stressful event with professionalism and care. Schedule an initial consultation with us today by calling 716-854-4474. You can also send an email.