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Facing divorce is difficult. If there are complex issues involved, the process can be even more intimidating and overwhelming. Knowledge is power. Our firm’s mission is to educate our client’s and provide peace of mind and an element of control over our client’s futures. Only the most skilled attorneys can provide the knowledge and expertise required to navigate a successful and satisfactory resolution to these sensitive matters.

Vance and Zeis is located in Buffalo, New York. Our attorneys, Paul A. Vance is ready to assist you through your divorce proceeding and all issues related to your marital problems. While we represent clients with all different economic circumstances, we also have unique experience in divorce cases that involve a wide variety of assets including stock accounts, pensions, closely held businesses, partnerships, or a professional practice.

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Vance and Zeis is ready to represent you in your matrimonial matter. We make every decision with the goal of promoting your best interest. You can be confident that our services reflect our extensive training and experience all calculated to achieve the best possible outcome. Schedule an initial consultation with us today by calling 716-854-4474 or sending an email.

We represent clients through Erie, Niagara, and surrounding counties.

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A big part of divorce proceedings involves valuating the assets or businesses for the purposes of property division as well as the tax responsibilities that arise as a result. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for you from every viewpoint: We provide cost-effective services, we work to ensure every rule is followed and everything is valuated appropriately, and we fight for you through negotiation or mediation to ensure you get what you are entitled to.

More than anything, we work to resolve your case as quickly and professionally as possible. In these situations, litigating may not be the best option. Negotiation and settlement is generally faster, easier and more cost-effective. We want you to get back to your life as soon as possible with everything you need, and a settlement is usually the best way to do it. We will fight for you in these areas to ensure you get what you deserve.